Koh Chang & Mr T’s Reggie Bar

Koh Chang is an epic island in the Trat district, a short 5 hour bus ride from Bangkok, and will also include a short ferry ride from the mainland to the Koh Chang Ferry terminal. From there, it’s the traditional Tuk-Tuk scramble and bartering needed to get to you final destination unless you have made other arrangements with your lodging.

Billed as an island where Thai’s actually live it’s a wonderful spot with lots to explore, and can be a launching point for a number of outings ranging from snorkeling, elephant encounters, along with just exploring jungles and waterfalls in some of the island National Parks. We stayed at the Bang Bao resort on the far end of the island – near the Bang Bao Pier where a lot of the snorkeling trips launch from. Never sure what to do on New Years Eve, we strolled along the waterfront beaches in the afternoon and found a small tidy place that looked interesting: Mr. T’s Reggie Bar and we’re delighted we returned that night for the festivities!

Arriving in in the early evening, before the sunset, we snagged a small table for two on the edge of the seating that spilled over onto the sand beach. Close enough to the open restaurant to see the activity and permanent stage in the bar. There were a mix of mostly foreigners and some Thai’s at the event, which is always great. The Belgian couple beside us had some small kids with them, and they entertained themselves in the hammock that separated our seating areas – though did not last very long before heading to bed – wise parents.

The dinner was ‘Buffet Feast Style” at a fixed price, and Mr T himself walked around to ensure everyone was having a good time and was well fed, and he’s a one-man entertainment himself! Thai dishes kept appearing on the Buffet table throughout the evening, and was a great event. Paired with a frost cold Chang, it was a wonderful evening. Almost everyone at one point got a selfie with Mr T, so we needed to oblige as well with Judy – and our host.

As the evening progressed, some of the local Thai’s present approached the stage, and started singing a mix of tunes, in mix of English and Thai – everything had that happy Reggie vibe to it as well! Mr T himself also managed to add a few songs accompany with guitar or drums/bongo.

As the evening progressed, the fire dancer guys arrived : Mr T had dibs on their performance, and we got the first show on the beach! In the small and intimate setting, we could feel the flames and the heat as various feats were performed. Something you defiantly want to practice before lighting up the flaming balls on the chains! At the end of the performance, a hat was passed for tips, and the group moved onto the next restaurant – though they did return in a few hours for round two!

Overall, a great evening, and memorable way to finish our New Years eve for 2016! I think Judy is really enjoying her first week in Asia in Thailand!

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