Ottawa Christmas Season Stroll

It’s 2020, and we’re in Pandemic-mode: Orange in early December. Acceptable to meet in small groups outside, so we took the opportunity to see the kids together for the first time in 3 months! With the weather mild and a late season for snow, it was a simple stroll down unusually quiet streets, even for Ottawa. Starting in the Sandy hill area, we took a 90 minute stroll though our fair city.

The view on Parliament hill is altered and blocked with renovations done on Center Block, though there is a nice display of ‘prairie wheat’ snow marker reflectors illuminated by colored lights leading up to where the main staircase is presented. East block is fully renovated, and currently holds the House of Commons in a refurbished center square. Festive lights around the National War Memorial illustrate the always well lit monument. Canal and locks are currently drained for the winter: and the view onto the Ottawa river towards Gatineau is picturesque. The changing and colorful refurbished National Arts Center (NAC) adds a splash of color to our normally quiet Ottawa night.

Down below, we see City Hall hosting The Rink of Dreams: an outdoor and refrigerated ice skating surface: sparsely utilized but a nice way to skate on smooth ice. The City hall park is also well lit, with festive lights. Heading over to the modern steel and glass National Gallery, we see Madam’ watching over her brood, along with (L to R): Chris, Sam, and Judy. Across the Street is the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, built and redesigned in the 1840’s. As we head home though The Market in a very quite scene, we can also see Ottawa’s oldest Tavern: The Lafayette established in 1849.

Closing down our walk, we stoll by the darkened Rideau Canal once again, with highlights from The Chateau Laurier: established in 1912 as the grand hotel across from the terminus of the Grand Trunk Railway, Union Station (currently temporary housing The Senate Chamber).

With our excursion completed, we bid farewell to Chris – living locally… and mask up for the drive home. Pandemic outings completed!

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